Lucius entered the “Gilded Dragon”, and strode across the loud, smoky room, to a dimly lit table in the corner. He was there only a moment, when a hooded man appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. The man sat down, smiled, and said in a low tone “Lucius my freind! i thought thane had you rotting in Darkmyre for that business with the king!”. Lucius looked at him absentmindedly for a moment, before responding. “Khitŭr, Khitŭr Edno. its been far too long brother! ” he said, hugging the shorter man.

Breaking the embrace, Edno leaned back, stroking his beard. “So… what brings you to my neck of the woods Lucius?” He said questioningly “I Haven’t seen you around the dragon in quite some time.” Lucius sipped a stien of beer he had ordered, and said “I’m in a bit of trouble, and I need some information.”  “Oh? on who? Some earl, or a king even?” Lucius frowned, then responded “If only… What do you know about a man named Occassus? and have you ever heard of a Furvus B’as?” Edno’s face suddenly went pale, and he said ” I don’t know anything about either of them. Is there anything else i can do?” lucius looked up from his beer, staring at Edno. “Khitŭr Edno not knowing about someone? that’s impossible! Come now, stop jesting and tell me” he said, smiling. “After all, you do owe me one after that business in Thermapolis.” “Lucius. you don’t know what you’re getting into,  I can’t tell you, not even you, about them, my livelihood, even my life would be risk. Lucius looked at the other man, then shook his head unbelievingly. “Edno… please. I’ll protect you, and i’ll do anything to get this information. Anything at all.” Edno bowed his head for a moment, apparently in thought, before responding. “Fine… I can’t say no to you Lucius. But were even… No, you  owe me one after this.” Edno lowered his voice, and looked around furtively “The Furvus B’as is the head of the organization called The Shadow. No one knows his true identity. The Shadow is everywhere, in fact, i’m sure they have an informant somewhere in this very Bar. The only way you’ll ever get to Furvus B’as is by starting at the bottom and going from there.” Lucius frowned, shocked by this new information “Do you know any guaranteed members of The Shadow? Anyone i can start with?” Edno sighed heavily ” I’m already dead if they find out…. so why not? I believe the Rigatonni family is fairly high up in the organization, although nothing is a guarantee with The Shadow.” Lucius’ eyes suddenly turned to cold, hard steel as he said ” Rigatonni? as in Sebastian Rigatonni?”. Edno chuckled “The same. You know him?” Lucius got up, nearly knocking the table over in the process “Only met once. But i have a feeling were going to get to know each other a lot better”