A Star Trek Fanfic, set 2-3 years before the events of Star Trek ’09 in the Prime Universe

The IRW H’veha came out of the warp around Ramiter VII, and her commander, a Romulan named D’taev, leaned back in his chair, gazing in contemplation at the giant orb that lay before him. The site of a small Romulan colony, Ramiter VII was by no means a pristine jewel of the stars. On the contrary, it was a cold, dark, lifeless rock, far too distant from the nurturing warmth of its sun for it have developed life of its own. Distant from any trade routes, the planet’s only strategic significance was the vast amounts of dilithium buried deep below its surface, valuable both for propulsion and weapons. This, combined with the planet’s natural conditions, made it a very appealing place for the Romulan Star Empire to dump the worst of its prisoners from Remus, Romulus’ sister planet with similar conditions. These prisoners needed sustenance in order to mine Ramiter’s precious dilithium hoard, and that is what brought the IRW H’veha and her crew into orbit around its hellish surface.

D’taev sighed, and ordered his helmsman to bring the H’veha into dock at a large space station, used to co-ordinate shipping in and out of the Ramiter system. As the helmsman followed his command, he retreated to his ready room, sat at his desk, and opened up a comm channel to the engineering section of the ship. A romulan woman with neck length hair black as night, and deep green eyes came on screen, and smiled at him. He gave a warm smile back, and said, “Nim. You’re a sight for sore eyes. Everything in order?” Nim gave a nod. “Have we docked yet?” she asked. “We will momentarily.” D’taev replied. “Send a couple crewmen to the cargo bay to help unload. We’ll get the paleys their food so they can get back to work and we can get back home.” Nim nodded again, before saying, “Alright, I’ll get on it. And, I’ll see you tonight.” She added with a smile. “There will be a feast worthy of a king waiting for you.” D’taev chuckled. “Alright, I’ll count the seconds. Love you.” Nim smiled, then blew a kiss, before cutting the comm.

D’taev leaned back in his chair with a smile, contemplating how lucky he was, and how how easy his last mission before promotion was. What he didn’t know, was that it would be anything but.


…To be continued.