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another story set in the elysian universe, this one takes place before “Siege of Fortuna”

Janus Merak hated people. He hated all their little quirks, their little annoyances. He hated trying to talk to them, and would rather be the man running the lights at a concert than the guy on stage. It irked him incredibly when others would disturb him during his work. And he detested public speaking and listening to others with a burning passion. Yet, somehow, Janus Merak had become a politician. And after becoming a politican, he had somehow become the Chancellor of the Circle, the highest ruling body on the planet Inasti, capital of the Langrith Empire. He supposed it was the power, the sense that his choices had weight, that balanced out his hatred of people as he stood on the balcony of the Castaraine Building, overlooking a massive crowd of those irksome cretins and holding a few wisps of paper in his hand, containing a speech. He walked up to a podium, and straightened his papers, then leaned towards the microphone, and began.

Despite his inward feelings, Janus was well liked by the people. This had been proven during the elections, when he won in a landslide victory against his opponent from the Gaean Party, Verona Castille. It had been proven again when the crowd cheered as he had announced his plans to strengthen the military from his podium on the balcony. And it was being proven again now, as nearly the entire city of Joathi, center of the empire’s government on Inasti, attended his state funeral, and the rest of the empire watched, coupled with the newsreels about the man with an Elysian ID and weapon who had gunned him down mid speech.


Bosnia Diaries Pt. 1

Heres a little bit i wrote during a couple of brief writing flurrys, from the perspective of a bosnian during the Bosnian Civil War. I’ll publish it in two parts. forgive the roughness of  the entries, its more meant to test the whole diary concept than anything else.

March 5th, 1992

Dear Diary,

We declared Independence! four days ago, Parliament polled us all, asking if we wanted to make a new, independent, Bosnian state. I voted yes. One of my friends told me to vote no though. He’s a Serbian. He said that if we stay with Yugoslavia we can forge a grand new state like that.  I’d rather we all became our own country though. I voted yes. He got mad. He voted no. I hope it won’t come between us as friends…

April 14th, 1992

Dear Diary,

I heard on the news today that the serbs from prijedor have moved troops around the city. I’m worried, they warned that it would be no good for us all if we declared independence. I.. just didn’t think that they would actually DO anything about it. They already split from us and made their own country… wasn’t that good enough? ..i’m hoping this is all just hype and it will all blow over. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

April 26th, 1992

Dear Diary,
I woke up to the sounds of artillery shells this morning. The Serbs have begun to shell the city! I don’t want to go outside, i’m afraid i’m going to get hit. When I look out the window at the executive council building.. I can hardly see it because of all the smoke. I tried to call my friend, but he won’t pick up. I hope its just because he’s still mad at me.